Visiting Calvary Baptist Church

At Calvary Baptist Church you will find a warm, accepting, and friendly group of people.  Our services are traditional and based on the Bible.  We desire to help make your first visit a great experience, so here is some information that you should know as you plan your visit.

Where do I enter?

There are doors on the north and south sides of the building.

Where can I get information once inside?

There will be a greeter at the north door when you come into the lobby.  He will hand you a bulletin and be able to give you information.

What about infants and toddlers?

A clean, staffed nursery is available for children 3 years old and younger.

What do I do before the service begins?

If you arrive before the service starts, you will notice that our auditorium is filled with plenty of comfortable seats.  There are no reserved seats, so you may sit anywhere.  Many people will be greeting one another during this time.

Am I expected to participate in the offering?

No. We do not invite you to our church for your offering.  We want the service to be our gift to you.  Please don’t feel any obligation to participate in the offering as a guest.

How long does the service last?

On average most of our services last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.
You may listen to Sunday morning sermons at the following link: